"Pulaski at Night" - Andrew Bird

Another new AB song I enjoyed, I was actually really pleasantly surprised when I heard it on the new OitNB season. Because I can recognize this man’s voice anywhere, hell, even his style.

Chicago imagery is great too, loved that city and I’m glad I was able to visit it this year.a

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"Tin Foiled" - Andrew Bird

It’s been 3 years since I’ve really enjoyed a new Andrew Bird song, because when I started listening to him back then, all of his music was a little older. This is the first song that really took me back to those first few albums, particularly Noble Beast.

The thing about Andrew Bird’s music is that it’s really, really meta. I mean, it goes back and borrows things from over ten years ago, several songs share the same name. Bird creates a world in his music, and sometimes you feel like you revisit the same places but it’s just new street in the neighborhood you’ve been in before.

let’s talk about how Broken Bells (leader singer James Mercer) absolutely killed their album this month and how the Shins (lead singer James Mercer) took a massive shit on their album in 2012

like dude what even happened to the Shins

why couldn’t you just do the same thing